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Asphalt Paving Installation and Repair in Greater Vancouver Regional District

Is the daily wear and tear ruining the aesthetics and safety of your paved surfaces? Call the paving experts in Vancouver for all types of asphalt pavement installation, repair and maintenance services. You can count on Monarch Paving to provide professional service to address your asphalt paving needs across Vancouver.

Our reputation as an experienced paving contractor has been built over the last few decades and we have never let our community down. Offering top quality customer services for residential, commercial, municipal and strata asphalt paving. Through the use of our own equipment, including heavy machinery and trucks, we ensure quality and timely completion, along with on-budget services for your community's asphalt paving needs.

Greater Vancouver’s Top Asphalt Paving Provider

Restore your streets and residential area’s beauty and safety with our expert paving services.

Taking Care of Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt is made of crude oil and tar, and looks like toxic sludge. But did you know asphalt is actually recyclable?

It can be used again and again to pave roads, potholes and line reservoirs for drinking water.

Asphalt provides long term solutions for pavement construction. It can last decades with proper maintenance. Some asphalt pavements reduce noise by over 50%, while asphalt uses 20% less energy to produce as compared to other pavers.

Asphalt is considered “clean fill” in landfills, meaning it doesn’t leach out toxins or pollute.

It prevents pollution from getting into water supplies and protects against diseases from waste materials. It can be combined with aggregate to form an impermeable layer.

Some things to bear in mind, when getting asphalt paving done:

After the Monarch Paving team has left, the asphalt driveway may be walked on but please DO NOT DRIVE on your new driveway for a minimum of 2 days to as many as 4 days, depending on the temperatures. Please consult with your Monarch Paving representative.

Asphalt has a tendency to reheat itself for up to one year, especially in hot weather. This means that it can be soft for quite some time. Please take care of your driveway, apron or asphalt curbing.

Use water if necessary to cool it down.

Use care when placing objects in one area or concentrating excessive weight to a particular spot, a piece of wood or plywood placed underneath works well.

Do not turn your wheels sharply on the asphalt, or turn your wheels while the vehicle is stationary. This results in marks on the driveway. We cannot be held responsible for tire marks, weeds or root damages.

Do not use chains on your tires as this will mark your driveway.

Please call if there are any questions about your new driveway. We will be more than pleased to answer them.

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