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Strata Paving Services in the Greater Vancouver Area

Monarch Paving has been on call for strata council jobs in the Greater Vancouver area for many decades. Our team can integrate strata council demands with ease, to accommodate their paving, repairs and installation needs. Our work across Vancouver strata councils is testament to our professional quality services for asphalt paving, road and curb repairs, drainage systems installation, road line paintings and more, to enhance the quality and safety of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods. 

All our paving services are guaranteed for 1-year and we are happy to share our knowledge with our community.

Strata Paving Services in Vancouver Regional District

Strong and durable roads in the neighbourhood are good for everyone.

Strata Paving Services

For strata councils, Monarch Paving provides:


Removal of old paving and rubble

New road construction with increased strength and durability of new roads

Line and lane painting

Oil sealed shiny black top coated roads

Improved street visibility and value

Smooth road surfaces which are easier to drive on

Provide clear visibility and encourage safety practices

Sub grade and grade work

Cold patching

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