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Snow Removal Services in Greater Vancouver Regional District

Canada has its share of below-freezing cold. As a result, we have decided to dedicate an entire page for services that we can provide to you safely during the winter months. 

We are just a call away to provide you with weather services like snow plowing, snow removal, salting, and draining sleet and rainwater from your streets, parking lots and driveways to make them safe and accident-free, not accident prone.

We are available throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Our clientele includes commercial and retail centres, as well as medical institutions and hospitals. We employ modern and fully compliant equipment and use a variety of products for salting. These include salt, sand or a combination of the two, as well as environmentally friendly salting (ice melt) products.

Get Cost Effective Snow Salting and Removal Services in Vancouver and Around

Our crew is trained to provide you with extreme weather services.

Our Range of Winter Services

Our wide range of winter services include, but are not limited to:


Quick call dispatch for emergencies

Snow removal for commercial and industrial properties

Surface salting to avoid snow-in

Contractual snow grooming and maintenance

Prompt, friendly and professional crew

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