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Municipal Paving Services in Greater Vancouver

Keeping the community safe and functioning properly requires manhours of commitment. At Monarch Paving, handling planned municipal work like road repairs, sidewalk repairs, pedestrian pathways, line painting duties, potholes and drainage installations, all keeps us on our toes.

Whenever we tender our services to any municipality across Vancouver, we assure professional and timely services. Any public works delegated to us, from cracks repaving, and resurfacing to heavy duty repairs and installations are all handled by a team of focused professionals, in line with safety protocols. For any new municipal undertaking in your locality, including road construction, curbing, crack sealing and pothole repairs, parking lot repaving and any large scale repairs, call Monarch Paving .

Road Paving, Repairs and Construction Services for Municipalities

Consult with us regarding large scale asphalt road repairs, and more.

Our Municipal Work

We work in tandem with the municipalities that give us the privilege to display our skill for asphalt paving and repair services in their locality. Our team can handle small and large scale paving, excavations and related services. We serve all local communities in the Greater Vancouver area, with our state-of-the-art paving and surfacing equipment.

Our municipal services:


Road and sidewalk repairs

Asphalt paving and repaving

Surfacing and resurfacing

Drainage system installation

Highway and city road line painting

Potholes and crack repairs

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