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Driveway Pavement Repair Services in the Greater Vancouver Area


Across the Vancouver Regional District, we have provided residential, commercial and strata driveway paving to our customers for years. 

Let Monarch Paving help you put your best foot forward with elite looking driveways for your residence and offices. The first impression is the best impression as they say, and when someone comes calling at your home or office, the first thing they will notice is the condition of your driveways. 

We offer the choice of surfacing and paving a brand new driveway for your home or office, using bricks or paving stones. Our exceptional quality will impart a great look and feel to your property entrance, with your brand new asphalt driveway. Contact us for durable and cost-effective driveways that will last for years to come.

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Impressive Asphalt Driveways in Vancouver

Get a free quote for driveway installation for your residence or office.

Why Monarch Paving?

Monarch Paving’s management and principal staff have over 125 years of experience. This means that we know our way around most surface pavement jobs and provide you with fast and budget-friendly solutions. Depending upon the size and area of work, we will provide you with a complete timeline, once we have visited your location. In order to avoid a buildup of damage, it is advisable to keep your driveways free of clutter, debris and standing water. Our team will do this for you once we have completed building your driveway. Beyond that, we also provide contractual maintenance for the Greater Vancouver area. Contact us  to know more.

Our Driveway Repair Solutions

In order to ensure complete maintenance of your driveway, we also offer repair solutions. Sometimes damaged driveways need expert care to be revamped so that they can go back to being as good as new. With our services, you can expect the best of repair solutions for your driveway, which include:


Asphalt Patching

Crack and Hole Repair

Seal Coating

Snow and Ice Removal

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