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Seal Coating Services in Greater Vancouver Regional District

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. The same applies to seal coating for your asphalt pavement and driveways. Through this procedure, we can ensure that your asphalt pavement, curbs and driveways stay protected by an additional seal coating, which guards them against weather conditions and lengthens their lifespan.

Throw a seal coating over your driveways and parking lots to cover weather and water damage, along with preserving their longevity. 

Patch repairs of the damage to your asphalt areas may be a curse for some, but it remains a quick fix solution, as moisture and wear and tear will again open up the patch repairs to expose damaged driveways to an unsuspecting public and may even cause accidents. Multiple layers of sealing coat will protect your driveways and provide impressive durability.

Let Us Offer You Competitive Rates for Seal Coating Services

We offer top quality water- and oil-based seal coating across the Vancouver area.

Protecting Your Driveways and Parking Lots

In such a case, it is better to go for complete seal coating, so as to prevent even the smallest external element from entering the seal coat and undoing the process. This will also even out any bumps or breaks on your paved surface and bring out a smooth, polished and firm surface that looks strong and durable. Water-based and oil-based sealants are both used for different applications, but if you are going for seal coating for the first time, an oil-based sealant coat is advised. 

Rather than using over the counter sealants from local hardware stores, which do not have the necessary strength and durability, Monarch Paving chooses industrial grade sealants for maximum longevity and long-lasting finish. 

Call us today for a competitive quote for your seal coating fixes.

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